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2012 Feb

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Pretty dull month. There was skiing, some ska, and shenanegans in Boston. Rethinking this “monthlies” thing; I don’t really see my life or my photography as a month-by-month thing, so I may ditch this after March & put more effort in to other projects and maintaining my Tumblr. (Oh how I feel like a hipster when I say that.)



2012 Jan

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Visitors came & left. Night skiing & hockey games were attended with increasing regularity. My space bar broke.

For those with any interest, I am scanning, processing, editing & summing up a few projects, which means I’ll probably have back “on-line” (as the kids call it) soonish. Additionally, some printed matter may begin circulating early springtime if I can get/keep my shit together.

That’s that. Stay tuned to the regular channels for more fun until the next big one drops. Ciao.

Till next time, kiddos…

2011 December

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And so it is a new year now. I’ve moved to South Portland and have a day job of sorts. Trying to get back in the habit of doing a monthly edit of sorts to see what I’ve been up to yada yada. Some b&w, some color. Mostly from my new S95, which I may be trying to sell. Photos from Portland, New Hampshire, elsewhere. Snaps of Luke, Ian, Will, among others. In other news: is down for repairs, but will be back up soon w/ new portfolios and work, etc. So take a look at that when that happens.

So. Photos!

Some OK, most “not so good.” Here’s to 2012.

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I visited Glasgow for the first two weeks of March. Due to poor planning and too much else going on, I did not photograph as much as I thought I would. This was nice, though: instead of hurrying around snapping away, I got to visit and catch up with many friends I haven’t seen since I left the city almost a year ago. To my Glaswegian pals: Sorry if you’re not among these pictures. Editing still continues fervently.

I think this one needs more work. Might be better in B&W?

Matt and Robbo at a Revision planning session. They were trying to decide how to kill me.

I think Red Stripe oughta license some of the pictures I’ve made that feature their cans.It’s like the PBR of Glasgow: doesn’t taste that great and all the hipsters love it.

Harrison and I got to photograph together a few times. That was fun, because this cat is a good dude.

I also photographed Subcity’s 16th Birthday Party. Much fun was had:

Got to meet up with my dear friend Marta and do a quick photo shoot:

And then I went to Arran:

(Luke is the Triangle King.)


And then I went home.

Glasgow was hell of awesome and I’m still astounded by how great it was to see all of my friends there. I miss it a lot more now that I’ve left, come back to visit, and left again. The people there are extraordinary, and it’s a fantastic place to visit and live in. I’m happy to have had the chance to see so many friends, make a few new ones, visit old haunts and explore some new ones, and to have hit 17 of my 20 favorite bars (as well as try out a few I’d never even heard about!)

The future holds some interesting traveling and projects, including a trip to Washington DC and a two-month stint caretaking at a cabin in the White Mountains. Still not sure what’s happening to me after May. Adventure awaits.

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Found a few old rolls of Tri-X so I developed them along with the rolls I just shot in Boston last weekend.

One roll yielded all double exposures. I never really do those (on purpose), but looking at the roll on the lightbox, they kind of struck me. This, my friends, is why film is so lovely. An accident like this doesn’t occur with digital. That unexpected stumbling upon something beautiful.

Back to the straight poop:

So in other news, I am working on a zine. Details when that whole thing works out.

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all photographs © benzo harris.

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Hi there, 2011. Sort of an interesting winter for me. I’m an intern with NHPR, mostly producing radio stories but doing a little photojournalism on the side. Haven’t been shooting much personal stuff lately, largely because of the internship and the fact I’m not living in a city any more. That said, a few months ago I saw Phil Underdown’s Providence, which reminded me a lot of my hometown Portland. So I’ve been shooting somewhat in that vein when I have time. Just got back my first two rolls from the lab, and these are what have turned up.

House in Portland

Not sure what I feel about them. Shooting has been hard lately.

Winter on Mt. Adams.

I’m working on preparing a monthly. I’ll try to post a short collection, a very loose essay of sorts, each month this year.

I’m trying to devise little projects to keep me shooting and to keep my mind alive, such as writing one short story a week and posting them online. For this, I got the idea from the talented Mr Malky, whose scripts are a much more diverting and entertaining read than my own works. (He’s also quite the photographer.)

Other projects that might emerge soon are a PDF portfolio and a few short films and script treatments I’m trying to squeeze out.

All hail Discordia!

(All photographs © 2011 Benzo Harris.)

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I drove to Colorado for a week with a friend, to see another friend.

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Here is a one-off that I shot in New Hampshire. It’s large and is my gift because I am going away for a while now & won’t update for a while probably.


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I have lightly updated and slightly rearranged some of my portfolios, if you can call them that. They are on Cargo, here.

Have fun looking at them.